Catch a jam packed episode of #High-&-Tight as we talk about all the big news surrounding the Iowa Sticks and beyond! We bring in Evan Romanchuck who discusses the new Diamond Allegiance, new news with Spects National, what’s on the docket for the Iowa Sticks, updates on the new Norwalk Central location project, and the new TPH Academy coming to the Des Moines area! We chat up all thing things the Iowa Sticks are doing to make advancing in the game of baseball fun, exciting, and accessible to everybody, no matter what! Plus, Andrew and coach Romanchuck talk about the viewpoint of being a dad in the great game of baseball!

Then, we recap just a taste of what was the spectacle known as the Iowa Pre-Season All-State Showcase put on by Prep Baseball Report. We chat with PBR-Iowa scouting director Rob Allison regarding the philosophy of the event, what’s coming up for the PBR-Iowa staff, the philosophy of going to these events with the right mindset, and of course, a chat on just a few of the amazing talent that was on display! Plus, we reveal if Andrew got hit by a foul ball this year!

Just click the link below to catch all the action starting off with Evan Romanchuck then following with Rob Allison of PBR Iowa (the one hour mark) below⬇️⬇️⬇️